The New York Law Journal has recognized national chair of Katten's Private Wealth practice, Joshua Rubenstein, as one of its 2019 "Distinguished Leaders" in law in the journal's Professional Excellence magazine. The journal's "Distinguished Leader" award recognizes attorneys in leadership roles who have achieved impressive results in the past year. Along with several others, Joshua was honored with the award during a special dinner on October 23 that was held at the New York Legal Awards at Tribeca 360 in New York City.

In a recent article in the journal, Joshua shared his insights on what it means to be a leader and how the business and profession of law are changing.

"To me, a leader is someone who embodies integrity and compassion in his or her actions. Someone who empowers and inspires others, encourages collaboration and fosters innovation. Someone who has earned respect, gained the trust of others and showed courage in the face of adversity," Joshua said on what he believes it means to be a good leader.

Being personally invested in the attorneys and business professionals within Katten's Trusts and Estates department and Private Client Services group, Joshua said he also tries to lead by example and guide others to success by sharing his insight and knowledge.

On how the business and profession of law are changing, Joshua explained that more importance is being placed on innovation and creativity in law than before, as the world continues to change quickly.

"Lawyers need to be nimble, strategic and entrepreneurial, and quickly to adapt to meet the rapidly changing and evolving needs of our clients and of the marketplace. Lawyers are taught to rely upon precedent, but they must embrace change," Joshua said.

In addition, Joshua spoke about lawyers or other mentors who have inspired him, his proudest accomplishments, and the best advice he could offer to anyone considering a career in law or someone within the profession looking to make a difference.

"Lawyers are needed more than ever, particularly given the relentless, unanticipated change affecting virtually every aspect of life. But don't join or remain in an area of legal practice just because it is vogue or currently profitable. Find an area about which you are passionate. Give the clients who can afford your services your passion, and offer what you learn from those clients to clients who cannot afford you," Joshua said.

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