Director of Pro Bono Services Jonathan Baum was featured in the Chicago Lawyers' Committee's series on source of income (SOI) discrimination in Chicago. Jonathan noted that SOI cases are often rooted in stereotypes, stating, "People think, 'I don't want a person who gets a [Section 8] voucher to live here because this is what voucher holders are like.'" He noted that housing discrimination is an important issue for him. "There are a few basic necessities to live, like food and shelter. Housing is a basic thing you need. And there's a lot of discrimination that flows from housing discrimination. For example, schools. If you can't live in certain places, you also miss out on all of the services, especially education, that you'd get in that neighborhood. It has a ripple effect." Jonathan's advice to attorneys interested in getting involved in pro bono cases is, "View it as a real case. Don't think it won't require research, effort, and analysis. The law is the law, and many pieces of civil rights litigation are just as intellectually challenging than commercial litigation. You have to be prepared–good intentions are not enough. You have to apply your best legal skills and attention as you would for a paying client." (“Not That Kind of Lawyer")