Health Care partner Michael Callahan was quoted throughout a Healthcare Risk Management Review article on the effects healthcare reform will have on risk managers’ jobs and the providers for which they work. Regarding quality controls tightening and becoming more closely tied to reimbursement, Mike said, “More and more we’re seeing lists of metrics and standards being developed by all the payors and those lists are going to continue to grow as the government and the payors get more and more data about good and bad practices.”

In relation to how risk managers are impacted by these changes, Mike explained, “Where their focus has been on slips and falls, on adverse events, on the implications on liability and insurance, and on tracking claims, there are now reimbursement implications which they’ve never really had to focus on before. Risk managers have to be aware of this movement and how their role and responsibilities can affect how, and if, a hospital is paid. They should be part of the team that’s helping to keep people on track as well as monitoring how this connection with metrics or compliance affects the risk management equation.” (“Under Scrutiny,” June 5, 2014)