Ronni G. Davidowitz, head of the New York Trusts and Estates practice, is quoted in an InvestmentNews article on the late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman’s will. According to the piece, Hoffman left his estate directly to his surviving partner, Marianne O’Donnell. Although Hoffman and O’Donnell had three children together, the will—which was drafted in 2004—accounts only for the couple’s first child. The other two children, who were not born at the time the will was drafted, may therefore be disinherited under it. Ronni commented that, “[t]he key thing here is the failure to provide for the after-born children,” adding, “[t]here isn't anything that covers pretermitted children in New York.” She noted that the will should have included language to consider future children and that O’Donnell would be well-served to get her own affairs in order to properly look after her children. (“He Needed a Script: Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Left a Legal Mess Behind,” February 20, 2014)