Meredith Martin Addy, national head of the Patent Litigation practice, will participate in the webcast "Patent Definiteness in the Courts and Patent Office" at 12:00 p.m. ET on Monday, July 28. The panel will review the law of patent definiteness and address the following questions:

  • Where did "insolubly ambiguous" come from? The panel will provide a short history of the cases that established and applied that standard.
  • What happened at the Supreme Court regarding Nautilus v. Biosig?
  • When is a claim "indefinite"? The panel will discuss attacking and defending definiteness in litigation after Nautilus.
  • What will the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit do with the new standard? Can it continue to use the same approach without the "insolubly ambiguous" label?
  • What is the Patent Office doing about improving definiteness? The panel will review the consequences of Ex parte Miyazaki and in In re Packard.
  • What definiteness issues confront US patent practitioners when filing patent applications for correspondent firms outside the United States?

The panel will also discuss specification and claim drafting strategies, examiner interviewing and responding to indefiniteness rejections.