Bridging & Commercial (B&C) quoted Private Credit Partner Peter Englund, London, in a story about online SME lender Capify securing a credit facility worth over £100m from Pollen Street Capital. The deal involves a refinancing of a line originally provided by Goldman Sachs.

"As a business operating in both the UK and Australia, the client falls within the complex borrower group for an asset-based lending arrangement," Peter said about the transaction. "Nevertheless, Pollen Street Capital was able to see past these complexities and recognise the impressive, seasoned Capify management team that has been at the forefront of online SME lending since its inception in 2008."

Peter added that he looks forward to watching Capify continue to thrive in its important role of ensuring access to finance for SMEs during more turbulent market conditions where traditional lenders may be more hesitant.

"Pollen Street Capital provides £100m-plus credit facility to Capify," Bridging & Commercial (B&C), May 1, 2024