CFTC Adopts New Position Limits Rules Ending a Decade-Long Saga

Katten will host the "Positioning for the CFTC's New Position Limits Rules" webinar on Tuesday, November 17 at 11:00 a.m. ET, providing a practical overview of the CFTC's recently adopted position limits rules, as well as helpful commentary and insights. The interactive program will be led by Katten attorneys Gary DeWaal, Carl Kennedy, James Brady and Kevin Foley and joined by Dorothy DeWitt, the Commodity Future Trading Commission's (CFTC) Director of the Division of Market Oversight.

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The webinar will address several key points from the new final rule, including the following:

  • adoption of new speculative limits on spot month positions for 16 commodity futures — including five metals, four energy, and seven agricultural futures — and increased speculative limits on spot and non-spot month positions for eight of nine legacy agricultural futures;
  • effects of these limits on positions in swaps, futures and options that are economically equivalent or linked to the 25 commodity referenced futures;
  • expanded list of enumerated bona fide hedges to cover additional hedging practices;
  • elimination of the risk management exemption; and
  • streamlined process for addressing requests for non-enumerated bona fide hedge positions.

CLE will be available.

This event is closed to the media. If you are a member of the media and have questions about this event, please contact Jacquelyn Heard at