Laura Keidan Martin, national head of the Health Care practice, and partner Ethan Rii will team with Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP speakers to present a webinar on Wednesday, June 3 at 11:30 a.m. (CT). The webinar, "Provider Alignment Opportunities: When a Merger is Not a Viable Option," will provide an overview of transaction options and their legal/business pitfalls to spur strategic thinking by providers, investors and their legal counsel.

The webinar will address the following topics during the 90-minute presentation:

  • reasons to consider an alternative alignment model;
  • specific models, including joint operating companies, vertical integration plays, population health management initiatives and retail medicine strategies;
  • financial and legal considerations; and
  • the importance of a common vision and the need for upfront agreement on a strategic plan.

To view the webinar, click here.