Health Care partner Ken Davis will give two presentations during the RBMA 2022 PaRADigm Conference. On Monday, April 25, he will present "Post-Sale Experiences of Radiologists (and the Future?)" at 1:15 p.m. The session will set out the basic structures and components of a practice sale and the most important deal points during negotiations, focus on the experiences of selling radiologists during the initial 1–3 years after the closing, and describe common themes elicited from radiologists on where they have seen expected challenges and where they have encountered surprising disconnects.

On Tuesday, April 26, Ken will present "To Integrate or Not After the Pandemic (and Keys to Success)" at 11:00 a.m. He will discuss integration and growth in radiology over the past several years and its continuation post-pandemic, with takeaways including knowing the different types of integrative transactions, and how a "divisional" model works; recognizing the most significant gating and pacing legal/transactional issues and how to address them; and anticipating what will be needed to make the process successful.

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