Private Credit partner Derek Ladgenski will moderate, and Insolvency and Restructuring partner Peter Knight will serve as a panelist, on the "Distress and Success: The Road Ahead for Private Credit?" panel discussion at 2:30 p.m. (ET) on Tuesday, March 8. Topics will include:

  • 2022: Assessing the Unknown. Whether it is inflation, rising interest rates, geopolitical moves or another global crisis, macroeconomic forces will be dynamic. What are the unique considerations and opportunities among different private credit business verticals?
  • COVID Hangover. As the global pandemic lingers, many borrowers and issuers have emerged unscathed, while others continue to work themselves out from under its long shadow. What do the success stories look like? Which companies are still on the path to recovery? How are relationships with credit providers evolving?
  • Maturity for the Next Downturn. Although it has been promised for years, the next material and lasting downturn has yet to materialize and the maturation of the asset class since the “credit crisis” of the mid-2000s has been astounding. What is the relationship between those two developments and how will that maturation affect private credit performance and reaction during the next downturn?

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