Becky Lindahl, Charlotte Litigation practice head, was profiled in The Glass Hammer, offering career insights to young associates. Becky noted that building core skills will help with setting one's career on the right path. She stated, "I see how they want to advise clients right away, and I can sense the frustration when they don’t have the opportunity to immediately sit in the first, or even the second, chair. But the only way you learn is through mastering the fundamentals and observing senior attorneys to gain the experience you need. Eventually it all clicks." In terms of trends in litigation, she called for balance between tapping into technology-assisted and automated discovery and being hands on in discovery. "We have to be smart about managing litigation in a way that’s cost-sensitive and effective, and when you are preparing for a high-stakes trial, there is no substitute for having a comprehensive knowledge of the details of critical documents."

On achieving work/life balance, Becky advocates having an understanding and compassionate firm culture and family are key for creating a well-supported career. She also shares advice she received from a fellow Katten female attorney—be kinder to yourself and give yourself some grace when things are challenging either at work or home. "There is no perfect balance between work and home, but I have had some success managing my practice and family by simply focusing on the most important task—whether client- or family-related—before me at any given time." ("Voice of Experience: Becky Lindahl, Head of Litigation, Charlotte, N.C.; Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP," April 15, 2019)