Kimberly Smith, national Co-Chair of the Private Equity practice and valued member of Katten's Women's Leadership Forum National Mentoring Panel, shared with Working Mother magazine her tips for achieving work-life balance. She was recently honored as a 2019 Working Mother of the Year. Kim stated her best advice is to "Play the long game. . . . [Taking] the time to consider a longer-term view can create a remarkable perspective that helps us avoid sweating the small stuff. Sometimes the things that seem important at that moment will not matter a year or even a month from now, and that realization can bring with it a sense of comfort and renewed focus when we need it most." She added that there will be setbacks along the way, "But if you forge ahead, with stamina and determination, you will cross the finish line with a rewarding sense of accomplishment." ("The Working Mothers of the Year's Best Advice for Work-Life Balance," September 20, 2019)