In this issue of CFWD we discuss:

  • SEC Proposes Revisions to Rules Governing U.S. Investors’
    Rights in Overseas Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Commissioner Atkins Announces Resignation from SEC,
    Paredes Nominated for Open Slot
  • SEC Sets Fee Rates for Fiscal 2009
  • Delaware Court Allows Unilateral Elimination of
    Director’s Advancement Rights
  • Securities Fraud Claim Based Upon Forward-Looking
    Statements Dismissed
  • Plaintiffs Denied Summary Judgment in Securities Fraud Action
  • FINRA Proposes Changes to NASD Rule 2220 Concerning Options
    Communications with the Public
  • NYSE Proposes Changes to NYSE Rule 92 Concerning Riskless
    Principal Orders
  • ISE and PHLX Amend Position and Exercise Limits for Options
  • CBOE Files a Rule Change Proposal Relating to DPMs and LMMs
  • Approval of Proposed ISE Rule Relating to Complex Orders
  • OCC Issues Final Rule Reducing Regulatory Burden and Updating
    Its Rules
  • Agencies Issue Proposed Rules on Risk-Based Pricing Notices