Adam Klein, a partner in the Corporate Practice and head of the Sports Law Practice, appeared on WCIU's CPS Sports Edition with Kenny McReynolds on June 19, 2012, to discuss his practice, career opportunities in sports law and the business of sports, from negotiating multimillion-dollar sponsorship and naming rights deals to buying and selling franchises. Mr. Klein represents several major sports franchises, as well as lenders to sports franchises, sponsors, regional sports networks and other sports industry participants. "I've been very fortunate in the types of owners I've gotten to represent," he says. When asked what he likes most about his job, Mr. Klein says, "I like to close transactions." He adds, "I'm not going to hit a walk-off homer or a game-winning basketball shot, but what I can do, is I can help people realize a dream they may have of buying a sports franchise. … I can help a team set up a new sports network, I can help a team do a large sponsorship deal that helps fund improvements at a stadium, and it's very tangible—I can see my work product, [when I] walk into an arena or stadium."

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