Feng Xue, managing partner of Katten's Shanghai office, is quoted in a Chicago Lawyer article on what law firm leaders are looking for in associates and how those associates can succeed in the new large firm environment. The recession has thinned associate ranks at large law firms, prompting some new lawyers to look for employment outside of the United States—particularly in China, where there is a strong market for U.S.-trained lawyers. "For new U.S. graduates, if they don't have a good opportunity (in the U.S.), they can do some temporary work for a local Chinese firm," says Mr. Xue. While U.S. attorneys cannot legally practice law in Chinese courts, Mr. Xue says working at a Chinese law firm can provide valuable experience and a possible path to a U.S. firm's China office. ("Recession Ripples Through Large Firm Associate Ranks," June 1, 2012)