Nancy Rich, chair of the firm’s Sustainability and Climate Change Practice, was interviewed by Good and Green E-ssentials on green marketing and environmental law. In the interview, she says savvy consumers increasingly expect companies to exceed the minimum environmental standards. “In my role as a legal advisor I find that I need to remind clients—and myself—that both commercial and retail consumers are skeptical of 'green' claims. They won’t pay a premium for products that can’t easily demonstrate that they are substantially more sustainable than ordinary products.” She also says there’s been a substantial increase in litigation related to “greenwashing,” which is more than simply false advertising. “We’re actually seeing much more litigation regarding the accuracy of representations and warranties in contracts,” she says, adding, “The bulk of action on greenwashing for the next couple of years will occur from private parties litigating over sustainability claims, rather than from government enforcement.” (“What Marketers Should Know About Environmental Law”)