Sheldon T. Zenner, Co-Chair of the Firm's White Collar Criminal and Civil Litigation Practice and well known in the legal community for his white collar criminal and civil litigation experience, has been interviewed by leading publications regarding various aspects of the Enron trial.

The articles appeared in The New York Times ("Enron Prosecutors Aim to Rattle, Not be Rattled," April 13, 2006); ("Enron chiefs' battle plan? Themselves," March 31, 2006); Financial Times (, "Prosecutors keep it simple in Enron trial," March 28, 2006); Chicago Tribune Online Edition ("Minor player, major stage - Prosecutors see ex-Enron analyst's testimony help them, but it could assist the defense," March 19, 2006); ("Fastow fever to hit Enron trial," March 3, 2006); The Washington Post (, "Witness Says He Warned Skilling; Enron Played ‘Fast and Loose,’ Ex-Trading Chief Testifies," March 2, 2006); and the Financial Times (, "Punches start to land on Lay and Skilling in Enron trial," February 24, 2006).