Adam Klein, head of Katten's Sports and Sports Facilities practice, was featured in the March edition of The American Lawyer. The article, "Game On!," details how sports law is becoming increasingly lucrative. "Everybody knows everybody in this business, and word of mouth is critical," Adam said. The story also highlights how Adam's first sports deal was negotiating a contract with Ron Karkovice, a backup catcher for MLB's Chicago White Sox, a team owned by former Katten tax partner-turned-businessman Jerry Reinsdorf, who also owns the NBA's Chicago Bulls. Adam said that he has represented prospective owners who saw a deal in one league fall through, only to subsequently secure another deal elsewhere as a result of the contacts they made the first time around. A photo of Adam in his office adorned with jerseys bearing his name for each of the teams he has worked with over the years also was featured in the article. ("Game On!," March 2015 Issue)