New York Financial Services co-chair, Allison Yacker, spoke about the seeding arrangements trend, where a larger established firm provides the working capital and other elements to an emerging manager so they can focus on trading. Allison stated, "Where a manager used to rely on sustained returns and grow organically, that's just no longer the case. Managers (now) find that they must at least entertain the idea of seed capital and often take it, not just to prosper but just to survive." She notes that the fund manager does give up some level of control, however, what results is more of a strategic partnership than just a seeding arrangement. Allison concludes, "The trend idea, and I wish I could it see reinforced more often, is to look for a relationship between an emerging manager and a seed investor that is truly a partnership… that will let the asset manager grow." ("Germination And Emergence: Allison Yacker on Emerging Manager Seeding Arrangements," John Lothian News, February 15, 2016)