Corporate associate Alyse Sagalchik was recently featured in an interview by Chicago Lawyer regarding her work with the firm's pro bono legal clinic at the Jose de Diego Community Academy. Each month during the school year, Alyse volunteers at the clinic—located in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood—where she provides legal services and advice for those in the community who need it. LAF, which partners with Katten to operate the clinic, awarded Alyse its 2017 Volunteer of the Year award for her work in helping to aid low-income individuals through the Jose de Diego clinic.

While the demand for attorneys at the clinic is great, Alyse says the roster of Katten attorneys volunteering has grown significantly over the years. "I joined the firm in December of 2015, and I think my first time at the clinic was probably in February of 2016," said Alyse. "I went in actually being a little bit terrified because a lot of the clients come in with fairly novel issues, but also they deal with areas of law that I don't typically work with on a daily basis." Today, she enjoys "the process of meeting anywhere from two to . . . five possible clients each time" and the "instant ability to feel you've made a difference." (Read "The Right Path: A Katten Associate Gives Back," November 8, 2017)