About Andrew Sprogis

Andrew Sprogis is Katten's Chief Innovation Officer. Previously, Andy was the firm's Executive Director. Now he uses his operational expertise and knowledge base to turn future-facing ideas into practical reality. Andy and his team enable the firm's attorneys, business professionals and clients to make the most of an innovative approach to law and business just as the industry is undergoing an accelerated transformation.

Ensuring clients get what they need and more

The most successful engagements are those where quality, communication and service are all in harmony at their highest levels. Everything Andy and the innovation team do is aimed at making sure Katten offers the best client experience possible. Sometimes the changes the team makes are as obvious as improving collaboration capabilities to foster more efficient service. Or leveraging the latest software in due diligence work. Other times they are more subtle, like finding, producing and using new data to assist in predictability in matters.

"Innovation" means different things to different people. To Andy, innovation is the opportunity to ask questions, find opportunities or pain points and then to drill down to find solutions that benefit all parties. The results may sometimes seem new and unique. But a pragmatic and incremental change may provide significant benefit as well. This is how Andy works with Katten's practices and clients.

Andy is also the Chairman Emeritus of Easter Seals Chicago, which runs three schools for autistic children in addition to providing other services for children with disabilities.

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* Not a practicing attorney

Practice Focus

  • New processes to optimize client engagement value
  • New data sources and leveraging such
  • Unique and new technology solutions
  • Enhanced internal and external collaboration capabilities
  • Supporting entrepreneurial work
  • Increasing efficiencies in client work and operations
  • Future state of firm and legal market