Featured in BTI Associate Satisfaction A-Listers 2022: BTI Survey of Law Firms Where Associates Are Happiest, Katten has been recognized among 147 law firms that associates consider to be best at cultivating the highest levels of job satisfaction. The BTI Consulting Group's report was based on a large-scale independent survey that generated more than 4,000 responses.

Katten has been named as one of 12 law firms that are the "Best of the Best" when it comes to having at least one partner who is invested in an individual associate's success. "This goes way beyond mentoring – it's more like a sherpa," BTI said. It noted that such investment "is especially powerful in driving associate satisfaction and retention" and "also helps define growth opportunities within the firm."

According to BTI, its research revealed that eight attributes are key drivers behind associate satisfaction and retention:

  • Commitment to helping associates in their career
  • Specific action to help develop a career path
  • Access to the training they need
  • Good mentoring
  • Optimism about growing within their firm
  • High levels of job satisfaction
  • Being well paid
  • Having at least one partner watching out for them

Katten was also ranked among the "Best of the Best" by associates in being well compensated and for providing exceptional mentoring.

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