In an article for the ABA Criminal Justice Section's White Collar Crime Committee Newsletter, partners Ryan Meyer and Johnjerica Hodge, and associates Grace Caputo and Reid Gordon examine the Biden administration's aggressive move to prosecute pandemic-related fraud. After a year of settling into power, the Garland-led Department of Justice (DOJ) has moved aggressively on all COVID-19-related fronts. The article provides an overview of this regulatory scrutiny and DOJ enforcement trends that are materializing. Notably, while the pandemic appears to be subsiding in many ways, the DOJ is devoting more resources to investigating and prosecuting fraud using three strike force teams in an effort to build on "efforts to deter, detect, and disrupt pandemic fraud wherever it occurs."

"COVID-19 Enforcement Under the Biden Administration — Winding Down or Just Getting Started?White Collar Crime Committee Newsletter, Winter/Spring 2023