David Halberstadter, an Entertainment and Media partner in the firm's Los Angeles – Century City office, was named among the "Top 50 Entertainment Lawyers" by the Daily Journal. The article highlighted how one of David's most "intellectually challenging cases" ended in a win in February after four years of litigation. He represented Paramount Pictures Corp. in a lawsuit the studio filed against International Media Films Inc., alleging IMF was infringing on Paramount's rights to the Academy Award-winning classic film, La Dolce Vita. The court granted final judgment in favor of Paramount.

The article also mentioned how David spends a lot of his time on pro bono matters for the publishers of Ms. Magazine. He often jokes with his wife and two daughters that he knows more about the global issues affecting women than the three of them combined. "I will vet every issue that they prepare prior to publication to make sure they don't get in trouble," he said, adding that his motivation is "having daughters and wanting them to succeed in life without any constraints based on gender." ("Top 50 Entertainment Lawyers," November 18, 2015)