Los Angeles Litigation partner David Halberstadter was recognized by the Daily Journal as a top Intellectual Property (IP) attorney. David has worked as an attorney for more than 35 years and established a reputation as a talented litigator among leading entertainment companies, pursuing and defending IP-related lawsuits for clients that include Entercom Communications Corp., the successor to CBS Radio, DreamWorks II Development Co., Storytelling Holding Co., STX Productions and others.

In a recent profile in the Daily Journal, David discussed one of the high points of his career as representing Amblin Partners and calling on the company's chairman, director Stephen Spielberg, to testify during an arbitration over a licensing dispute regarding distribution of the film, Thank You for Your Service, a war drama that tells the story of post-traumatic stress disorder in US soldiers returning from Iraq. The film's German distributor refused to market it in Germany, despite being contractually obligated to do so. David's work on the case resulted in the arbitrator awarding Spielberg's company more than $4.5 million.

"Without question, that was both scary ― because he's such a famous person ― and gratifying, because he embraced the task of being prepared to testify more than any other senior person I've ever had to deal with," David said.

David said Spielberg's testimony was mesmerizing as he talked about iconic films he's directed, including Saving Private Ryan, and his work with other directors and writers, like Sam Mendes.

"I've done a lot of litigation for entertainers but this was so cool…He was chock-full of anecdotes. The arbitrator was spellbound," David said. "I told him his testimony was spellbinding. He came back with, 'Well, I had a good director.'"

David also does pro bono work and spoke to the Daily Journal about how he represents the Feminist Majority Foundation, publisher of Ms. Magazine. He ensures that the magazine will not be exposed to third party claims by reading every article and letter to the editor that will be published in each edition.

"It's very satisfying. I have two adult daughters and I joke with them that I know more about women's issues globally than most women. I am a well-informed feminist attorney," David said.