Katten partners Joshua Rubenstein, national chair, Private Wealth Department, Bonnie Chmil, Matthew Sperry, and Kathryn von Matthiessen are featured in the 2023 Private Client Global Elite Directory, which features top practitioners chosen by their peers in the private wealth industry.

In each directory profile, the attorneys answered the question: "What changes do you expect to see in your practice over the next year?"

Josh noted the fast pace of change, especially relating to ESG and crypto.

"Given the rapidity and increasingly unpredictable nature of global change in all areas along with the increasing amount of contentiousness in the private wealth field, it is reasonable to assume that everything we do will be analyzed at some point with a view towards a possible legal challenge," Josh said. "In order to best serve our clients, we, as attorneys, need to be innovative, strategic and quick to adapt to meet the evolving needs of our clients and of the marketplace. Lawyers are taught to rely upon precedent, but we also must embrace change."

Bonnie expects change relating to "increasing contentiousness due to increasing wealth," while Kathryn predicted more clients relocating amid global volatility.

Matt homed in on mobility as well and noted he expects to see clients continue to seek multiple resident and citizenship options in addition to "institutionalizing" family structures.

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