Michael Callahan, of counsel with Katten's Health Care team, will present "How to Respond to Regulator’s Requests for PSWP – Part 2" webinar on Tuesday, June 16 at 10:00 a.m. Central. This presentation will explore complications health care organizations face when regulators demand Patient Safety Work Product or PSWP. Michael will share his insights on Patient Safety Activities, peer review and how to respond to regulator requests. He will highlight developing a strong Patient Safety Evaluation System Policy (PSES), defining patient safety activities and creating authorization forms for disclosure. It is important for both those with patient safety organizations (PSOs) or not to understand the nuances of what is protected and how to properly process regulator requests, including those requests made during or after the current COVID-19 pandemic.

View the “How to Respond to Regulator’s Requests for PSWP – Part 2” presentation slides.