Health Care partner Michael Callahan will co-present the "NPDB Review and Reporting—Am I Responsible?" session at the IAMSS 2017 Education Conference on Thursday, May 18 at 3:45 p.m.

The presentation will examine:

  • investigation versus routine peer review;
  • resignations while under an investigation;
  • if the NPDB requires that a practitioner needs to be informed that they are under an investigation;
  • is a leave of absence a reportable resignation;
  • professional review activity;
  • professional review action;
  • is the imposition of a proctoring requirement reportable;
  • do hospitals in a multi-hospital system need to make separate queries;
  • whether or not a voided Data Bank report must be destroyed;
  • is the payment of a medical malpractice claim raised in a patient’s complaint letter reportable to the NPDB; and
  • whether or not all malpractice settlements are reportable.

View the "NPDB Review and Reporting—Am I Responsible?" presentation slides.