"Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. If you have the ambition to grow your career, don't be afraid to take a leap and see how it can bolster your trajectory. Push away that self-doubt that can creep in and trust your knowledge and capabilities," said Karen Nelson, managing partner of the Charlotte office, in a recent interview with Law.com on how she became a managing partner.

Law.com profiled Karen, who discussed what surprised her the most when she became office managing partner, her advice to those that want to move into firm leadership, the firm initiatives that she's most proud of and the person that had the greatest influence in her career.

When asked about the greatest challenge for women leaders in the legal industry, Karen discussed the challenges of maintaining a good work-life balance. She also emphasized that the pandemic has made achieving a work-life balance even more challenging, something that many people can relate to.

Throughout the interview, Karen really touched on the importance of connections and building solid relationships.

"I'd like to think my enthusiasm for building relationships, my ability to connect with people including colleagues and clients and my supportive and collaborative approach to handling any issue that comes my way has prepared me for leadership," she said.

How I Made Office Managing Partner: 'My Energetic Personality, as Well as My Ability to Adapt,' Says Karen Nelson of Katten