At Katten, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. That’s why we have launched a dedicated team of data scientists that focuses on navigating vast and varied data streams to unburden attorneys and unlock tremendous value.

Big data underpins today’s digital business world and is vital for legal to understand, but vexing to decipher. Like the practice of law itself, knowing the right questions to ask is as important as knowing the optimal path to the answers.

Katten DataLAB, a subset of our larger Innovation Team, works with our attorneys to decode data to deliver clients a competitive advantage. We surface yesterday’s facts faster and predict tomorrow’s outcomes sooner — so our attorneys can focus on winning today. By combining the power of legal, data and industry knowledge, we improve business outcomes.

What sets Katten DataLAB apart

Custom solutions to legal problems to achieve business results far beyond the scale and scope of what off-the-shelf licensed software products like Excel or Tableau can deliver and what attorneys can accomplish on their own.

Latest technology (data analysis, automation, machine learning, natural language processing and data mining) to filter, aggregate and match data to rapidly unearth the relevant facts so attorneys can spend more time applying the law and less time searching through spreadsheets.

Experience working across industries (health care, banking, finance and private equity) and titles (general counsel to legal operations teams to c-suite executives to analysts) to readily identify and implement methods for doing things faster, better and cheaper.

Every day we are proving that doing more with less is possible— analyzing trading records, chat messages, health care billing and contract clauses. Technology is enabling us to efficiently dive into the data and ascertain the relevant facts with a scale and complexity that gives our clients a cutting edge in efficiency and effectiveness.