Health Care partner Kenya Scott Woodruff tells women who are entering the workforce, "Don't stress out [over your career]. It really does all work out. Your career path might not be as you predicted, but if you are willing to work hard; you are open; and you say 'yes' to things that others don't, you are going to end up with great opportunities to advance."

In this article, Kenya shares her career path and how working with a mentor from the health care industry helped her grow while providing many opportunities in that space. It is noted that she joined Katten's Dallas office and Health Care team in October with Cheryl Camin Murray and Lisa Genecov, the first three women partners in the new office.

Kenya recommends that young professionals fill their toolbox of knowledge and experience and then seek out a niche they enjoy that preferably is not saturated by other experts. "We have to remember that our business, like others, is subject to the financial realities of supply and demand," she said.

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