Kimberly Smith, National Co-Chair of Katten's Private Equity group, is quoted in a Law360 article on the increase in private equity funds seeking to capitalize on the growth in the information technology section. Kim noted that, "In the buyout category, we are seeing a general sense that there is more growth potential on the [business] services side than elsewhere."

In addition to IT sector knowledge, private equity attorneys also must advise on issues such as data privacy, security and employment. Kim stated, "After all, it is very often the case in a services deal that the people constitute the most important asset of the business. So we take a very close look at how to best protect and maximize the value of that asset." Examining these issues closely is not only part of the diligence, but can also impact a successful transition for the employees and the company culture. "We look at these items not only for diligence purposes, but also with respect to whether there are any changes or improvements that should be made following the closing," she said. ("What PE’s Intensified Focus On The IT Sector Means For Attys," March 15, 2018)