National Health Care co-chair Lisa Atlas Genecov spoke with The Glass Hammer on how her instincts informed her path to career and family fulfillment. The article notes that when Lisa pivoted to a smaller firm, going part-time after her children were born, she began handling health care transactions, putting her on an industry path that she continues to enjoy today.

Joining Katten, she helped establish the Health Care practice in the new Dallas office, along with Cheryl Camin Murray and Kenya Woodruff. Lisa stated, "I'm proud that I came together with these other partners to grow our complementary practices. It's exciting to be working at a growing and successful office of a well-respected national law firm and Health Care practice where I enjoy working with my colleagues every day. And along with that, I'm proud to have been able to maintain a robust and satisfying career while raising two awesome kids who have become two awesome adults."

Finding the right mentor can make all the difference. "Look for mentors who are good at helping you in particular aspects of your career. If there's a job that's not working, find one that better suits your needs, and don't be afraid of making a change. I wasn't afraid to take an opportunity if it seemed like the right one." Lisa appreciates the people who have helped her throughout her career, which motivates her to be a good mentor to others. ("Voice of Experience: Lisa Atlas Genecov, Partner, Katten," March 9, 2020)