Michael Verde, head of the Insurance and Risk Management practice and Deputy General Counsel to the firm, provided insight on the challenges general counsels face with international arbitration in Law360. Michael stated, "When you negotiate these [arbitration clause] provisions, you have to go through the whole process, from what the likely dispute will be and all the way through to the law, the venue, who's hearing it and how you're going to enforce it. You've really got to kind of war game through the whole thing because you can end up with some very nasty surprises." He also noted the change in litigation strategy in terms of witness statements, adding, "Sometimes the other side seems not to have gotten that point, so they put in very vague and superficial witness statements without attaching any documents and exhibits. That is your case in chief. That is the equivalent of getting up and examining a witness on background. If you haven't put everything you need in all of these witness statements, you really have no opportunity to make your case." ("5 International Arbitration Blind Spots GCs Can't Ignore," March 18, 2016)