London Financial Services partner Nathaniel Lalone is quoted in a Bloomberg BNA article on Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Act—which established regulations for the swaps markets following the financial crisis—and possible revisions to it in the new US administration. "If (Title VII) gets pulled apart in its entirety, the Europeans might revisit their views that the US's [rules are] equivalent to their own," Nate said. "If that's the case, you would have massive dislocation in the trans-Atlantic markets." He added that after the greater part of a decade, it now might be unfeasible to walk back Title VII. "We've just spent six-plus years trying to get the swaps regime in place," he said. "Withdrawal is going to take us six more years and the exact same dedication of resources to undo what we just spent six years doing." ("Previous Hill Actions May Save Derivatives Reform Framework," November 22, 2016)