Gil Soffer, a partner in the Firm's White Collar Criminal and Civil Litigation Practice, has appeared on numerous episodes of ABC News Now’s “Guilt or Innocence?” as guest commentator to discuss the following:

  • The national increase in hate crimes over the past several years and federal legislation about harassment over the internet (November 20, 2007).
  • The most recent developments in the O.J. Simpson case, including the testimony of his alleged accomplices (November 13, 2007).
  • The confirmation of Michael Mukasey as Attorney General and the challenges he is likely to face (November 6, 2007).
  • The American Bar Association’s proposed moratorium on the death penalty (October 30, 2007).
  • The newest developments in the sports doping scandal involving Marion Jones and Second Amendment issues stemming from the D.C. Federal Court of Appeals' recent overturning of a new Washington, D.C. gun control law (October 9, 2007).
  • The conviction of polygamist Warren Jeffs on rape charges and the prosecution of the “Jena 6” (September 25, 2007).
  • The arrest of O.J. Simpson for his alleged role in the theft of sports memorabilia from a Las Vegas hotel room (September 19, 2007).
  • The latest developments in the Chicago “Family Secrets” Mob trial (September 4, 2007)
  • The resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, the conviction of NFL quarterback Michael Vick on charges related to dog fighting, and the guilty plea of Idaho Senator Larry Craig (August 28, 2007).