Partner Michael Callahan will present “Patient Safety Organizations: Optimizing Protection From Discovery Under the Patient Safety Act” at 1:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, May 8. The webcast will provide valuable details on how patient safety organizations (PSOs) work, and address how an organization can optimize protection from discovery under the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act (Patient Safety Act). Topics will include:

  • key elements of the Patient Safety Act as applied to PSOs;
  • lessons learned from court decisions related to the Patient Safety Act;
  • defending against discovery requests;
  • defining a patient safety evaluation system;
  • what is and what is not patient safety work product;
  • understanding the position taken by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality related to designing patient safety systems;
  • practical guidance on maximizing confidentiality and privilege protections; and
  • lessons learned from case law.

To view the presentation slides "Patient Safety Organizations: Strengthening Your Pharmacy's Legal Protections," click here.

To view the presentation slides "Optimizing Protection From Discovery Under the Patient Safety Act," click here.