Health Care partner Michael Callahan will present “Scope of State Peer Review Statutory Privileges beyond Hospital Medical Staffs—Peer Review in Physician Groups, ACOs, CINs and PHOs” at 12:30 p.m. (CT) on Wednesday, February 1. The webinar will address such questions as:

  • Are you seeking state and/or federal privilege protections?
  • What is the scope of protected activities? -- peer review, quality improvement, RCAs, adverse events.
  • What corporate entities, licensed facilities, licensed health care practitioners or others are protected under state/federal laws?
  • What committees or organizational construct is required in order to assert the protections?
  • Are your existing bylaws, rules, regs and policies properly structured to maximize available privilege protections?
  • Can privileged information be shared across the ACO/CIN without waiving the privilege?
  • How does applicable case law affect statutory interpretation?
  • What impact, if any, of mandated adverse event reporting obligations?
    • Never events, hospital acquired infection
  • Do state privilege protections apply to federal claims filed in federal court, i.e. antitrust, discrimination?

For more information, download the program PDF here.