Katten will present a three-part webinar, "The Patient Safety Act 14 Years Later: Lessons Learned and Mistakes to Avoid," at 11:00 a.m. (CT) on October 19 and 26, and November 2. Health Care senior counsel Michael Callahan will assist existing PSOs and participating licensed providers, as well as those which are considering whether to embrace the PSQIA, to better understand how to maximize the patient care benefits and privilege protections afforded under this important legislation.

On Wednesday, October 19, he will present the "PSQIA Overview" webinar, with topics including an environmental overview motivating PSO participation, and a review of PSQIA fundamentals including key terms, definitions and differences between the PSQIA and state peer review statutes.

On Wednesday, October 26, he will present "Designing More Effective PSES Policies," which will discuss topics such as what patient safety activities to include in the PSES policy, which PSWP to consider reporting to a PSO or to treat as privileged Deliberations or Analyses, if peer review activities should be included, and HR and risk management PSWP access do’s and don'ts.

Finally, on Wednesday, November 2, he will present "Maximizing PSQIA and State Peer Review Protections," covering topics including a review of key PSQIA court decisions and takeaways, identifying the impact of court decisions on PSES policy development, and litigation lessons learned in defending against discovery demands for PSWP.

For more information or to register, contact Mary Brancazio.