Financial Markets and Funds Partner Ilene Froom will co-present the "Understanding the 2016 ISDA Credit Support Annex For VM (New York and English Law)" session at 10:25 a.m. ET during the ISDA Virtual Conferences "Understanding Core ISDA Documentation: Variation Margin Credit Support Documents" webinar. The ISDA VM Credit Support Annex forms part of the Schedule of the ISDA Master Agreement. The presenters will examine critical provisions in the ISDA Credit Support Annex under New York law and English Law, including:

  • Key principles of the credit support arrangements
  • The posting party and the receiving party – How can this party change over time?
  • Scope of Covered Transactions under CSA
  • Credit Support Obligations: The Delivery Amount and Return Amount
  • Minimum Transfer Amounts
  • Adding an Independent Amount (IA) and using the Independent Amount provisions
  • Transfer Timing: When must a party deliver or return collateral?
  • The Valuation Agent and Dispute Resolution
  • Substitutions/Exchanges
  • Holding and use of Posted Collateral
  • Distributions and Interest Amounts
  • Events of Default
  • Rights and Remedies
  • Legally Ineligible Credit Support provisions
  • Credit Support Offsets
  • Terms for non-netting counterparties
  • Other Provisions
  • ISDA VM Protocol

Learn about the Understanding Core ISDA Documentation: Variation Margin Credit Support Documents webinar.