Los Angeles Managing partner and chair of the Entertainment and Media Litigation practice Zia Modabber was named a "West Trailblazer" in entertainment and media by The American Lawyer as part of an inaugural Trailblazer series that spotlights a handful of individuals from different practice areas and regions that are agents of change in the legal industry.

The American Lawyer profiled Zia as a Trailblazer among other top professionals on the West Coast who have made a significant impact in the legal industry in a special publication in July. Zia answered questions about his early career, how he grew as an attorney in music, entertainment and media, how he approaches helping clients, and why it's important to strive to be among the top in the profession.

On how he approaches helping clients, Zia said he focuses on the big picture and on being a trusted partner in achieving their goals. "I aim to be a genuinely trusted, highly valued lawyer, counted on to handle matters in a way that benefits my clients in the broadest sense, whether that means resolving them on business terms, or if necessary taking matters to trial," Zia said. 

Zia also shared that part of his growth as an attorney was recognizing how deeply personal each matter is, in particular for the individual clients he represents.

"I know that clients, particularly high-profile [individual] clients, are always under a microscope. They want a lawyer who is an outward reflection of who they are, and they have little patience for legal counsel that do not understand what they value," he said.

Zia added that there will always be a demand for top attorneys who are knowledgeable, broadly talented and experienced.

"This [demand] has a positive impact on the legal profession. [In this high-stress, high-reward industry] lawyers will [want] to ensure that their name on a matter is a promise of excellence," Zia said.

The American Lawyer Trailblazers — West 2021.