From time to time, new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) become available for registration.

Among the many gTLDs newly available is .store. This gTLD is intended to provide brand owners with a domain that is instantly recognized as an online destination where products and services are offered and sold. The .store gTLD is potentially most relevant for retailers. For trademark holders who have already verified their mark with the Trademark Clearinghouse, the "Sunrise Period" provides an advance opportunity to register the .store domain before it becomes available to the general public. The Sunrise Period is currently open and will expire on June 5, with registration pricing beginning at $1,500 per domain.

Similarly, the .shopping domain will shortly become available, and can provide another online platform for retail sales, giving brand owners and retailers the ability to create a digital community with their customers. A timeline and pricing schedule are not yet available for this new gTLD.