Great trademark licenses do the heavy lifting. They can help you expand markets, brand recognition and valuable partnerships. Katten guides the global exploitation of intellectual property assets in licensing, joint venture, distribution, marketing and manufacturing agreements. We have developed the strategies to exploit the value of trademarks and related IP assets for countless products and services while protecting the rights of some of the world’s most recognized brand owners.

Putting trademarks and trade identity to work

Managing IP portfolios is a cornerstone of Katten's value-driven IP programs. Strategy begins with global clearance and registration of trademarks, including IP and other assets. To minimize the risk of third-party challenges, we ask tough questions from the outset. We help preserve and enhance the brand’s goodwill through the life of the license. Our IP licensing teams also draw upon resident legal authorities on tax, finance, real estate, insolvency and international Customs to address the range of issues that arise in:

  • Brand extension licensing
  • Co-branding, collaborating and web-based agreements
  • Design agreements
  • Internet-domain names/social media
  • License administration/recordals
  • Patent/technology licenses
  • Retail agreements
  • Software licenses
  • Trademark license agreements
Licenses that build your brand’s global presence

License agreements must strike the right balance between safeguards and commercial viability. We negotiate and structure agreements to achieve your business goals, including alignment in jurisdictions around the world. We have developed and executed licensing strategies for businesses, talent and organizations, luxury brands, cosmetic companies, software developers and financial institutions, in such license-dependent industries as:

  • Fashion and apparel
  • Consumer goods
  • Entertainment
  • Financial services
  • Food and beverage
  • Hospitality
  • Media
  • Software
  • Technology