Floyd Mandell, Co-Chair of the firm’s Intellectual Property Practice, co-authored a supplement to the book chapter “Trademarks” in Successful Partnering Between Inside and Outside Counsel (2011), with assistance from associates Charles Paradis and Christine Bestor. The chapter focuses on establishing an effective corporate trademark protection program through cost-effective use of in-house and outside counsel; emphasizes how to protect the strength and integrity of the company's trademarks, including how to protect the company from trademark infringement on the Internet caused by "cybersquatters" and other trademark issues involving "domain names" and email marketing; discusses how to police effectively against possible infringements of the company's trademarks, and how to protect trademarks through registration; and discusses how in-house counsel can partner with outside counsel in establishing a program that effectively utilizes corporate resources, including any intellectual property expertise, by leveraging in-house counsel's understanding of the company's business goals and marketing objectives and by working with outside counsel to protect the company's trademarks should litigation ensue.