At Katten we believe that your growth and development is paramount to your success, and we’re committed to helping you achieve your greatest potential. Professional development is a collaborative effort between you, our lawyers, firm management and the Attorney Development team. We provide you with numerous opportunities for growth and development beginning on your first day and continuing throughout your Katten career.  

Learning & Professional Development

Katten’s learning and professional development programs are designed to help you to (1) understand clients’ industries, challenges and needs; (2) develop a legal expertise that enables you to add value and solve complex problems; (3) gain the business acumen to build, manage and grow a thriving practice; and (4) establish interpersonal skills to cultivate and maintain strong relationships and provide exceptional client service.  

We offer over numerous substantive in-house training programs in each department firm-wide, the majority of which provide continuing legal education (CLE) credit.  Associates may supplement our in-house training programs with programs offered by outside providers including Practicing Law Institute (PLI) and Strafford.

Our level-specific training curricula also covers essential professional skills, including business development, client service, communications, and persuasive writing. 

Annual/biannual milestone events - Summer Associate Retreat; New Associate Orientation; Mid-Level Associate Academy; and New Income Partner Orientation – provide you with opportunities at pivotal times in your career to network and collaborate with your peers; learn from our partners and industry experts; and prepare for the next stages of your career.

Career Development & Associate Sabbatical Program

The Attorney Development Team provides individual career counselling, guidance and support to help you plan your career and achieve your goals. Associates also have access to external career coaches at their request. In addition, firm-sponsored events throughout the course of the year are designed to foster informal peer mentoring relationships and a supportive firm culture.  
In an effort to address work/life issues and to reward associates for their sustained efforts, we offer the Associate Sabbatical Program. Associates who have completed five years of tenure are eligible for a four-week paid sabbatical. Numerous associates have taken advantage of this program to re-energize and recharge.

Performance Review, Feedback, & Communication

Associates are encouraged to actively seek feedback after the completion of each assignment, matter or deal. The annual and mid-year review process provide structured platforms for meaningful feedback and open dialogue regarding associates’ performance, ongoing development and career objectives. These processes are intended to be constructive, proactive mechanisms through which future growth prospects are reviewed and discussed. 
Communication between associates and firm management is fostered through regular meetings of local and national Associates’ Committees. Committee members are encouraged to raise issues of concern so that local and firm-wide management are aware of the issues most important to our associate population.

London Training & Development Programmes

Our London office offers an all-encompassing approach to learning and development that enables you to unite the firm’s strategic goals with your own career objectives. The London learning experience comprises legal training, practice-specific training, financial training and skills training for every stage of an associate’s career journey. From mid-level onwards, particular focus is put on developing and embedding skills and confidence in business development, relationship management and leadership in preparation for promotion to senior associate and partnership.