Partner and global chair of the Corporate department, Mark Grossmann, was named a 2021 Midwest Trailblazer by The American Lawyer, which recognizes legal professionals who have made a significant impact in the industry. Mark was featured on The American Lawyer's website and answered questions about what made him such a trailblazer in his career and what impact this recognition will have on his future.

"I really love what I do," Mark said. "It is genuine, something you can teach only by example, if at all. In looking for good legal counsel, clients increasingly seek evidence that their attorneys are driven to provide only the most pragmatic, top-of-class counsel. This certainly is my repeated message to young attorneys."

Mark credited establishing good professional relationships, especially with clients, early on in his career as helping him to succeed.

"You must develop reassuring relationships with clients, convincing them that you will leave no stone unturned in helping them reach their business goals. As a global practice leader, I have found that when your team is built around solid professional relationships, people have a deeper sense of responsibility. They are prepared to do more for the good of the team," Mark said.

Mark has been practicing as an attorney for more than 20 years and helped clients grow their businesses. Mark has broad and extensive experience in industries such as finance, technology, retail, and health care. He works to meet his clients' immediate and long-term goals, and clients value Mark's focus, business-oriented approach and ability to address what is most important to them.

As he grows as an attorney, Mark tries to continue to do all that he can for his clients.

"I am not inclined to immediately say, 'No. That won't work,' simply because things have never been done that way," Mark said. "I want to fully explore all options. I believe this is one reason clients choose me as their legal advisor. It is not unlike routinely returning to a restaurant where not only the food is great but the whole experience was."