News organizations from Bloomberg Law to Law360 featured articles on Peter Knight, who recently joined Katten as an Insolvency and Restructuring partner. Bloomberg Law noted his arrival coincides with how the "business landscape is being reshaped by the pandemic." On joining the firm, Peter told Law360 that he is looking forward to incorporating his practice with Katten's already strong restructuring and private credit practices. He stated, "My clients are Katten's clients. The work that I do on the restructuring side are the very same deals that Katten documents at a pace much greater than really anybody else in the city. As I got to the stage in my career where I had to think of not just inertia … [but] how to take your practice to the next level, Katten was the easy choice." How the firm has approached expansion and attorney investment were important. "You can just kind of feel that momentum from the outside looking in, which was also quite attractive as the firm started talking about how it would invest in me and vice versa."

Reflecting on restructuring trends in the face of COVID-19, Peter noted that most credits in which he has been involved either rapidly escalated into "immediate, full-scale emergency restructuring[s]" or were addressed consensually with relatively little discord through amendments and new capital infusions. He attributed this trend away from "longer more developing restructurings" to the fact that "there were just bigger fish to fry" with more urgent capital or other restructuring needs.