Washington, DC-based Partners Johnjerica Hodge and Ramana Rameswaran discussed the intersection of health care law and ESG (environmental, social and governance) during a podcast episode, Voices in Health Law, produced by the American Bar Association's Health Law Section.

Ramana, a Health Care partner, and Johnjerica, co-chair of Katten's ESG Risk and Investigations practice, spoke about the increasingly prominent role ESG is playing in the health care sector, strategies companies can implement to fortify their ESG programs, and trends in the space. In particular, the two discussed the many reasons ESG is becoming more of a factor in the health care sector, from regulatory scrutiny to investor expectations.

"Because of this pressure from healthcare company stakeholders as well as the public and then on top of that the government regulators, ESG has just become more of a focus point in the healthcare sector," Johnjerica explained. She further noted that the increased interest is driving companies to either create or review their ESG strategies and frameworks.

"The Intersection of ESG and Healthcare," Voices in Health Law, January 23, 2024