As part of the "How I Made It" series, Health Care partner Ramana Rameswaran shared insight into the role mentors and commitment to networking have played in advancing his career. Regarding his decision to join Katten, Ramana noted that the caliber and deep bench of the firm's Health Care team, along with the clear path to partnership, were extremely attractive. He stated, "If I was going to make a move, it was going to be for a firm that was actively growing the health care practice group, with attorneys who are industry leaders and people I trust, and in hopes that I can expand my capabilities and experiences."

Ramana helped himself standout through his active involvement in several bar associations, leading to his vast national professional network in the health law and diverse-attorney spaces. Nurturing those connections through regular contact and being his "authentic self" assisted in maintaining momentum throughout the pandemic and now hybrid environment. He recommends making networking a priority, even as a busy associate, and being open to opportunities is key if making partner is a career goal.

Viewing mentorship as a "two-way street," even if there is not a formal mentor program, is how Ramana finds success with his mentor relationships. He stressed the importance of “making a conscious effort” to engage with mentors. Supporting mentor relationships is something Ramana hopes to contribute to the legal industry as a whole. “I genuinely hope that I can continue to promote a culture of mentorship. Mentors have made all of the difference for me, and I know it's because of them that I work to be a mentor to others. The more the industry does this, the better we all would be.”

"How I Made Partner: 'Mentors Have Made All of the Difference for Me,' Says Ramana Rameswaran of Katten,", December 13, 2022

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