About David Luger

David Luger's nuanced understanding of complex financial products gives him an edge when his financial industry clients are scrutinized in investigations or litigation. Whether he is facing a regulator, an arbitration panel, a judge or a jury, David has the understanding to explain and defend his clients' business practices. Clients ranging from Wall Street banks to individual traders turn to him for his knowledge of securities and futures trading.

A versatile defender

When disputes arise, David is comfortable in any forum, including district and appellate courts, arbitrations and financial industry panels. He has represented clients before numerous regulatory bodies — including the Securities and Exchange Commission, Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority — as well as arbitration forums and courts around the country. In one matter, he successfully defended a client against a securities class action while winning a series of arbitration victories arising from the same activity.

David can quickly master the intricacies of esoteric new financial products. When a large bank came under scrutiny for novel trading practices, David explained the business case behind it in a way that regulators could understand, and convinced them to decline serious enforcement action. In another matter, he successfully defended an online broker in litigation and arbitration by putting the disputes in the context of complex market forces.

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Practice Focus

  • Financial industry regulatory investigations and enforcement actions
  • Financial industry arbitrations
  • Financial industry litigation

Presentations and Events